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50 Cent vs Ja Rule
Are you ready for some Hip Hop Hoopla? The beginning of the 50 Cent and Ja Rule feud is not exactly clear. One rumor says it started when a not yet famous 50 Cent went to a Ja Rule video shoot and was snubbed by Ja. Another rumor is that the feud started when a friend of 50's stole some of Ja Rule's jewelry. The feud took a violent turn with 50 punching Ja Rule in one encounter, and in another encounter 50 got stabbed by a member of Ja's group. The two continued to trade insults and 50 released songs insulting Ja to which Ja responded by releasing his own songs insulting 50. Ja tried to end the beef using Louis Farrakhan as a proposed peacemaker but 50 Cent was not interested.

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