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Tina Turner vs Elton John

A beautiful friendship turned sour over…how to play a piano??? That’s right. According to rock and soul legend Tina Turner, all the fuss between she and former ‘close friend’ Elton John all began over her interpretation of Elton John’s renowned song, “Proud Mary”.

The two were reportedly scheduled to perform the song together on VH1’s program “Diva’s 99” (and follow the performance with an international tour together) when during rehearsal, Turner felt she needed to share her interpretation of how the piano should be played to accompany her vocals. This was obviously a mistake, when Turner’s actions backfired and offended Elton John to the point that the two had a verbal freefall on the rehearsal stage. Elton John reportedly stormed out of the rehearsal after telling Turner that she doesn’t tell him how to play his piano. Elton John is said to have apologized for his overreaction at a later date. Nonetheless, Turner made the decision to cancel the tour based upon their disagreement and the two have been rumored to be noticeably distant since the incident occurred.

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