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Spike Lee vs Reggie Miller
Spike Lee is perhaps the most notorius Knicks fan ever and Reggie Miller is perhaps the biggest Knicks arch-rival ever so it's only natural that these two should have some history between them. Reggie has had some unforgettable moments against the Knicks at MSG; scoring 25 points in the fourth quarter in 1994 (Spike was taunting Reggie and Reggie kept draining shot after shot and gave spike the choke sign where he wrapped his hands around his neck and mocked the MSG crowd and in particular Spike Lee - the newspaper headline the next day sarcastically said "Thanks A Lot Spike"), or how about his 8 points in the final 9 seconds of the game in 1995, and there was also his 34 point outburst in 2000 when he helped the Pacers clinch the series. Each game Spike and Reggie would exchange taunts with each other and when Miller time took over you could be sure to see Reggie jawing away at Spike. Before one playoff game Spike and Reggie made a bet. The Pacers lost the bet and Reggie had to go with Spike to visit Mike Tyson in jail. After Reggie's retirement Spike had some complimentary things to say about Reggie and commented that their feud only pertained to basketball and was not personal.

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